Subjectivity of Freedom

Let's forget about political freedom for one second and focus on our definition of it. I personally believe that freedom is somewhat subjective. People are different, they have different personalities and different desires which might lead to a different understanding of freedom. Plus, the circumstances we went through and the difficulties we endured might have …


The pressure of having to have a job

In our modern world we are supposed to have a job, pressured to find a fantastic company to work at and bust our ass off to climb up the success ladder, expected to work from Monday to Friday like robots and slaves and forget about work-life balance in favor of work. If we do not, we're considered losers.

Weekend getaway: Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, makes a nice chilled weekend getaway. The city is very beautiful and a good place to escape daily life and just chill. From Nyhavn to Christiania, after visiting this city, you will understand why Danes are the happiest people worldwide.